Rolland and Heidi Baker

After many years of powerful, effective ministry through healing, signs and wonders in many countries of the world, Global Awakening is in a wonderful position to facilitate a missions school for a new generation. Randy Clark and the ministry staff of Global Awakening have been at the forefront of renewal for more than a decade, and have been catalyzing the work of the Holy Spirit wherever they go in the world. Randy was instrumental in the explosion of church growth and revival among us in southeast Africa, and our pastors and churches have experienced the powerful anointing that is on the work of Global Awakening. This missions school offers students the opportunity to partake of that anointing, and the knowledge and experience that have been graciously poured out on Randy and those who will be teaching with him.


Bill Johnson

"The need of the hour is for the generals of God’s army to give themselves for the equipping of the saints and training a generation to shape the course of world history...Few people are as qualified for this role as is Randy Clark, and few schools are as positioned to succeed in this assignment as is Global School of Supernatural Ministry"


Dr. Lance Wallnau

The difference between Global Awakening and most other ministry training curriculum is the combination of impartation and activation. Learning must be combined with real hands on experience if it is to be grounded in such a manner as to become part of a believers identity. Global produces a consistent product: people who are confident in demonstrating the power of Jesus Christ. This is the consistent track record of Randy Clark's overseas mission trips and will no doubt be so in the school.


Gary & Kathi Oates

I highly endorse Randy Clark’s GSSM. It is one of the few places you can receive hands-on training and impartation from seasoned Apostles, Prophets, and Evangelists. It offers a disciplined environment giving you the opportunity to grow in your giftings. By all means, go to the school. It can change your life and help you fulfill your destiny.