Founded in 2006 by Randy Clark, Global School of Supernatural Ministry (GSSM) is a practical ministry training facility located at the Apostolic Resource Center of Global Awakening in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. GSSM offers students three program options: On-site, Online and Summer Intensive. Our alumni can be found in active service all over the world. After completing their training with us, students will be equipped to step into a variety of arenas such as missions, arts, marketplace, pastoral ministry, inner healing, prophetic and community leadership.

It is our mission to bring experienced, anointed, gifted and relevant teachers for all of our core training themes. These teachers are brought in from around the world to invest and impart into every student.

All of our students at Global School of Supernatural Ministry receive training that prepares them to live out a supernatural lifestyle and impact their world with Kingdom transformation.

Core Values

  1. Impartation: The power and anointing of the Holy Spirit are transferable through the “laying on of hands.” 
  2. Outreach: The impartation of power and the blessings of walking in the Kingdom are meant to be given away. Our confession is: “In me, for them.” 
  3. Supernatural Lifestyle: All believers were made with the capacity to live in the Kingdom realm of the supernatural. Personal holiness is valued as well as personal gifting. 
  4. Prayer: It is only possible to walk in and flow with the heart of the Father when we maintain the discipline of relational communication with Him. 
  5. Leadership Development: In order to be people of cultural influence, we must develop the ability to direct others through Holy Spirit-directed and anointed leadership. 
  6. Destiny Clarification: Each person has a specific calling / destiny upon their lives. Through the clarification of our calling, we can establish plans to walk in it.


Global School of Supernatural Ministry is a practical ministry training environment that focuses on equipping the student to:
  • BE: Transformed into the image of Jesus 
  • GO: Touch the lives of others 
  • DO: The supernatural ministry of the Kingdom

Global School is not an accredited, degree-granting educational institution. There are, though, three schools that will give credit for work completed at Global School. The first is the Wagner Leadership Institute.  The second is the South African Theological Seminary. The third is Christian Leadership University. In the near future Family of Faith College will do the same. South African Theological Seminary, Christian Leadership University and Family of Faith College are all accredited institutions. Please see their websites for more information.

At the conclusion of each school year, a Certificate of Completion is issued to each student that has met the training requirements for the course. This certificate serves as a validation to future ministry employers and partners that the student carries the Kingdom values as set forth by Global Awakening. Upon completion of the second year of Global School, each student will have met the majority of the requirements needed to apply for credentials with the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening (ANGA). Learn more about receiving a ministry license or ordination through ANGA.


Dr. Randy Clark came to a hungry church in Toronto, Cananda in 1994. What happened next has been called the Toronto Revival. God showed up in a powerful way. Many thousands from many different church backgrounds came to be touched by God and sent back out to minister with the flame of revival. The number of those that have come to Christ due to this movement has reached into the millions. It is difficult to overstate the influence that Global Awakening has had on the worldwide church.

God spoke to Dr. Randy and told him that He came in gentleness in Toronto so that we could be prepared for Him to come in great power very soon. Dr. Randy has been called by God to prepare people for this next wave of revival that will make what happened in Canada seem like a gentle breeze! One of the greatest moves of God’s Spirit is upon us, and Dr. Randy Clark started Global School of Supernatural Ministry to be uniquely positioned to prepare, equip and set aflame the people called into this revival.

Those who have received ministry from Dr. Randy Clark have seen an increase in the supernatural in their lives and grown in greater intimacy with Jesus than they thought was possible. It is your turn! Join a movement!