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After completing two years of GSSM, you will be eligible to apply to become a Third Year student intern. This may be in a role assisting Global School staff, a Global Awakening department, or an outside ministry that you develop an agreement with. Internships are the opportunity to continue your ministry formation through an up-close and hands-on experience of assisting leaders, being entrusted with greater levels of responsibility, and growing in effective ministry.

Third Year GSSM on-site interns are an extension of GSSM staff and a vital part of student experience. As an intern, you are encouraged to minister to students, lead outreaches, be the personal point of contact for Online students, be a small group leader, and assist in carrying on the day-to-day activity of school. You will have a greater degree of collaboration with Global Awakening and Global School staff, be involved in speaker care, and receive one-on-one mentoring.

Tuition is not charged for serving in an internship. In general, internships are not paid positions, though outside ministries may work out an arrangement with the intern to aid in housing, meals, a stipend, or part-time pay.

In this remarkable time of God pouring out His Spirit upon the earth, the need for laborers for the harvest is great. Whether you are called to that labor in the church, the marketplace, or another ripening field, Global School Second Year will prepare you to become a disciple who makes disciples who make disciples!