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randy clarkDr. Randy Clark
Apostolic Leader

The many years of pastoral experience of Dr. Randy Clark, the Apostolic Leader and founder of Global Awakening, led up to the outpouring in Toronto in 1994. Since that life-changing service Randy has traveled to more than 36 countries and continues to travel extensively to demonstrate the Lord's sovereign power to heal.


mike largeDr. Mike Hutchings
Global School Director

Dr. Mike Hutchings has 35 years of pastoral, church planting and "pastoring pastors" experience in a variety of church cultures. He earned a Bachelor of Arts from Judson University and a Master of Divinity from Northern Seminary. Mike has been blessed to know Randy Clark from their days in Southern Illinois as Baptist pastors. He was present for the Vineyard meetings in Randy's church in 1984 that changed everything for them by encountering the power of the Holy Spirit and receiving Jesus'vision for His church, the body of Christ. Mike's passion is to equip, encourage and deploy church planters, pastors, missionaries, itinerant ministers and marketplace leaders to take the supernatural power of the Kingdom of God with them wherever they go, readying the church for a great harvest. He is really blessed to have been married to Roxanne, his wife for over 30 years. They have three children and two grandchildren.


Tom2016Thomas Holloway
Global School Assistant Director

Tom was in pastoral ministry for 15 years in central Illinois before coming to work for Global School. He loves the Holy Spirit's gift of understanding and shares that gift through teaching and counseling. He loves God's "big pictures" and helping individuals connect in the Kingdom for maximum impact. He is equally at home as a Catholic and in the present move of the Holy Spirit. His dream is to see mutual understanding, agreement, and the restoration to unity of all the church traditions in the body of Christ. Tom holds a B.A. in Philosophy from Franciscan University of Steubenville, as well as an M.Div. and an M.A. in Systematic Theology from Mount Saint Mary's in Emmitsburg, MD. He is a also a proud member of the Global School Theta class.


KatieLuseOriginal gssmKatie Luse
Administrator, On-Site Program

Katie Luse is a woman of the heart. She is passionate about using the gifts of the Spirit for inner healing, discipleship and pastoral care. She is on staff at the Global School of Supernatural Ministry and previously worked in anti-human trafficking where she taught internationally on caregiving for survivors of trafficking. Katie has authored discipleship curriculum and directed theater arts ministry projects that resulted in thousands of commitments to Christ. Katie is a 2016 graduate of the Global School of Supernatural Ministry and holds a bachelor’s degree from Temple University. She and her husband, Mitch, live in New Cumberland, PA. They enjoy co-leading ConnectUp inner healing ministry and eating burritos together on their down time.


ben williamsBenjamin Williams
Administrator, Global School Online, GSI and Satellite Programs

Benjamin Williams is an evangelist at heart. After God audibly spoke to him at the age of five, telling him to preach the Gospel, he began to do just that. His journey has taken him through completing a two-year Master’s Commission school of ministry, receiving a B.A. in Evangelism from North Central University and earning a two year completion certificate from the Global School of Supernatural Ministry. He has led a few thousand people to Christ and many others into a deeper encounter with God through prophecy, healings and miracles. His ministry is marked with inspiration and education so people know that with God all things are possible, the "know-how" of partnering with God to do those great things, and revelation of living out of their identity in Christ.  Benjamin has been a staff pastor, itinerant minister and a church planter with his wife, Micah. His desire is to make a lasting difference with the love and power of God.